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Who are Made by Moore? Previously known and trading as Moore Designs, we’re a married couple who’ve been running our own small business hand making metal products for the garden and home since 2001. Alex is a professionally trained blacksmith who started out his working life as an apprentice to a Master Blacksmith, before studying for a blacksmithing diploma at Hereford College, where he won an award from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmith's for the quality of his work. In the early days Alex's work was almost exclusively commission based, one-off pieces for private homes, architects and garden designers. He worked in a variety of styles and metals, from copper to stainless steel.


When the recession hit in 2005 and the commissions dried up he made the decision to launch his own 'ready made' collection of garden products, the most popular of which the company still sells today. 

I'm Kim, a marketing creative who also likes to lend a hand in the workshop. With a degree in design and a background in advertising I'm well placed to handle the promotional side of business. Together we balance our working life with looking after our two growing boys.

We’re also helped in our business by Alex’s sister, Rebekah Panayides, a garden writer who spent ten years working for a gardening magazine, before cultivating her own garden and family. Lovingly known as Big Sis, she’s always on hand to lend a bit of guidance on plant needs when we’re planning new products. With that in mind she's helpfully written some planting tips to help you choose the right support for your plant's needs, or the right plant for your support. So that’s us, a small family business that prides itself on the quality of our work and our ‘can do’ attitude to life.Why we’re hands-on makers. Over the last few years we’ve had lots of people offer to mass produce our products, promising us bigger profits along the way. To say that we’ve never been tempted wouldn’t be true, but we always come back to two things. One is we love getting our hands dirty and making things ourselves. The second is that quality is really important to us. We don’t like disposable products and only put our name to beautifully crafted, quality pieces that last.

A new style of making. Our challenge is always to combine the traditional making techniques that we love with fresh, modern designs. Sometimes it happens straight away, like our Contemporary Log Basket and other products take a little more time and tinkering with to make them work. We love designs that are practical, but that you never grow tired of looking at - our Low Back Bench springs to mind - it was a classic the day Alex finished it.

Eco-credentials. We do our bit for the environment, which includes reusing as much of the packaging that comes to the workshop as possible. That does mean that sometimes when your delivery arrives, the packaging may look a bit rustic, but it’s important to us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Truthfully though, it’s already pretty small. The mild steel we use is made up of nearly 100% recycled material and there’s around 60-70% recycled metal in stainless steel. We recycle all of our metal waste and as much of our rubbish as we can and of course we hand make all of our products on site and only use local finishers.

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