Contemporary Garden Arch

Contemporary Garden Arch

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When we designed our Contemporary Garden Arch, we wanted to make something that would look great in every style of garden. We don’t like fussy design, so we kept it simple, two curvy cones with a spiral detail make up each sculptural half. Making them in two freestanding halves means you can adjust the width of the arch by placing the two pieces as close together, or as far apart as you like.

You can change the shape of the arch too, by tilting the halves as you foot them into the ground. Foot them in harder on the inside edge and you get a wider shallower arch. For a taller narrower one, just foot them in deeper on their outside edges.

If you're looking for something bigger, we also make a Wide Contemporary Arch.


The arch is 235cm at its highest point. The arch is made up of two of our Horn obelisks put together, each measures 235cm high x 60cm diameter at base x 18cm on the feet to stake into the ground. The arch is designed to span a single pathway, from 80cm up to 1.2m.

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