Traditional Double Bay Garden Arch

Traditional Double Bay Garden Arch

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Alex uses traditional blacksmithing techniques to make our traditional Double Bay Garden Arch. It has a simple classic shape and is packed with the sort of lovely details you can only get when making something by hand.

Made from chunky solid metal bar, it’s a robust garden arch that will support any size of climber. It comes in three easy to handle pieces, so you can place it where you want it in your garden, then simply screw the pieces together. You can choose to have a footplate at the base if you are pacing the metal arch onto hard landscaping, or choose long feet for digging it into a trench. If you opt for the feet, there’s also a bar at ground level (40cm up from the feet) to help you level the arch and so you know how deep it needs to be positioned. It's available in a choice of sizes and with a rusted or galvanised finish. We also make a Traditional Single Bay Garden Arch if this looks too big for you.


Our Double Bay Garden Arch is 1m long with a span of 1m or 1.3m and is 2.2m high. The legs for staking into the ground are 40cm long.

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