Traditional Single Bay Garden Arch

Traditional Single Bay Garden Arch

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Before you read any further, please note, there are no deliveries now till September.

Packed with hand-forged details, our Traditional Garden Arch adds character to any garden. We hand make them from chunky 1.6cm bar using traditional blacksmithing techniques to create stunning, durable garden archways. There are various options available: different widths, single or double bay and two different feet - a footplate for fixing to concrete or paving, or long legs for digging into a trench. You can also choose two different finishes, rusted or galvanised. Our Traditional Garden Arch is delivered in three easy to assemble pieces with all the bits and bobs needed to put it together in your garden.


Our Single Bay Garden Arch is available with a span of 1m or 1.3m, it’s 50cm long and 2.2m high.

The legs for staking into the ground are 40cm long.

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