Horn Obelisk

Horn Obelisk

from 225.00

Before you read any further, please note, there are no deliveries now till September.

We like to offer our customers something a little bit different from the norm, which is why we made the Horn obelisk. Its asymmetric metal form is totally unique and is a thing of beauty rising above a flowering bed. It's stunning when planted too, just make sure you choose a smaller climber so that you don't overwhelm its lovely form.

We use two of the Horn obelisks together to make our Contemporary Arch. If you are interested in buying two obelisks to make an arch, it’s slightly cheaper to purchase them as the arch from the Contemporary Arch page. The Horn is available with a rusted finish or galvanised coating.


The Horn obelisk is 2.35m high with a 60cm diameter at base. It has 18cm long legs to stake into the ground.

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