Me and my arch

Being the blacksmith's wife means I get a lot of metal prototypes for the house and garden. One of the most successful pieces to make its way to our garden is the traditional single bay garden arch. It was the first that Alex ever made and eventually we decided to change its dimensions so the original came my way.

I had no plans to put a traditional arch into the garden and no idea of what to plant on it. Luckily after having built a stand for the Country Living exhibition in London, I found myself with a Clematis Armandii that also now needed a home. Luckily it's been a match made in heaven. The plant has flourished, despite being weeded out one year by an overly enthusiastic mother-in-law and now years later our arch is home to a massive crown of sweetly fragranced blossom. I love the arch and the quiet canopy it creates when I stand under it, it's a living doorway from one part of our garden to another. The arch's weathered finish is rustic and tactile, the perfect partner to the Armandii's lush greenery.

The arch has been in our garden now for over 10 years and I'm happy to say it's as robust as the day it arrived. I have a feeling this arch and I will be growing old together and that's a happy thought.

Kim Moore