Our New Recruit

Last August our beautiful dog Moo died. Moo had been with us since we started our business and was often found sitting outside our workshop, or riding shotgun with Alex in the van. She was more than a dog, she was part of our family and a great friend.

We were all so shaken by her dying that we had no plans to get another dog, but our home started to feel like a house, an empty one without a dog to go back to. So when we saw Bess on a charity's website we decided to take the plunge and offer her a home. Bess is a Greek dog and was found on the streets as a very young pup. She was alone so it's likely that her mother and siblings had been poisoned. Luckily for her she was taken to Elpida, a shelter that doesn't euthanise healthy dogs and that's where we found her and Give a Dog a Home was the UK charity that brought us together.

Bess is ridiculously large, likes barking, squirrels, digging and has very little sense of recall - she's still just a pup, around 12 months old - but she's already found her workshop paws and is a dab hand on the computer! She'll never replace our Moo, but she's quickly making her own place in our hearts, just as she has our home. 

Kim Moore