Sounds Like Heaven

If heaven has a soundtrack, I know what it is, it’s the busy, thrumming sound of spring. I was walking out of our back door yesterday when I heard a funny noise. It was a bit of a hum, or a whine, rising and falling like a wave of energy. A minute of puzzling led me to our cherry plum tree and the realisation that it had come to life.

It was packed full of happy insects of many different sizes, pillaging the blossom for nectar. It still being February I was unprepared for their busy antics, but delighted none the less. Plus I thought the pigeons had eaten most of the early buds, but a closer inspection of our tree showed the promise of a summer full of fruit.

So I paused in the garden to fully absorb their happy sound, but quickly realised that Sunday’s soundtrack had a lot more to it than just a bass line. There was the reedy drone of a light aircraft on it’s way to Shoreham and the hum of cars passing the house. Children chattered and laughed in our neighbours’ gardens, while song birds piped their melody to the clear blue sky.

Every year I think what a blessing the spring is, for friends who struggle with SAD, for eager gardeners, dog walkers who for months have resolutely fought through mud, (yes, that’s me) and kids suddenly free to roam in the great outdoors again. But it’s even more so for our wildlife who’ve struggled for survival through the bitter weather. Finally the world is turning, shifting on its axis, lifting its face towards the sun and the promise of better days.

Don’t go yet! Please stop a while and turn the volume right up on this audio file and fill your boots with the sound of my happy, busy bees.

lifeKim Moorespring, bees