Chelsea Bird Feeder

Chelsea Bird Feeder

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We still don’t know whether to call our hand forged stems, bird feeders or garden sculpture, but one thing’s clear, birds love perching on them. Originally made to attract our feathered friends into the RHS 2016 Chelsea Flower Show garden - hence the name - they have become one of our best selling products.

Being hand-forged means each one is different, their design is organic and reflects the heat from the forge, the strength of the metal on the day and how Alex is feeling! We love making them as they’re a fun combination of traditional blacksmithing techniques with a quirky modern design.

Our Chelsea Bird Feeders are made with a single, double or triple cups on a single stem with a hooped support 25cm from the base to help you foot them into the ground and keep them stable once they’re there.


8mm thick, 130-140cms long curved stem, with an extra 25cms below the horizontal support to stake into the ground. Single cups are 10cm in diameter, doubles are 10 and 8cm and triples are 10, 8 and 6cm.

Thanks to Harley-Martin Gardens for the lovely group shot of the bird feeders with purple flowersin the border.

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Alex hand forges our Chelsea bird feeders which means they're all different.