Low Back Garden Bench

Low Back Garden Bench

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Perfect proportions and ridiculous good looks make our Low Back Garden Bench irresistible. It’s so delicious, it’s sure to put a smile on your face whatever our weather throws at you. Actually we call it a bench, but really it’s more of a long, curved stool, as the low level back is for show only.

We can make the bench to any length and change the diameter of its curve to match a landscaping design. We made a bespoke version of the bench (pictured in yellow) for the Mexican Tourist Board, which featured a more solid form. 

Technical Bits

Like all our contemporary seating we hand make the Low Back Bench from tubular stainless steel. Anyone living in coastal areas can choose to have their seat made from marine grade stainless steel for a small extra fee. The bench can either be electro-polished which adds protection to the metal surface as well as shine, or it can be powder coated in a choice of RAL colours. You can choose your own colour for a small extra cost.

Orders and Deliveries

We make all our seats to order and there is usually a six week lead time from when you order until your delivery. If you need something quicker, it's always worth asking but we think good things are worth waiting for.


62cm high x 73cm from back foot to front of bench. Standard length 1.76 metres.

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